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Ultimate Guide to Internet Services in Inuvik

Welcome to your comprehensive source for internet services in Inuvik. This guide provides in-depth information on the best internet plans, local provider profiles, a speed test tool, and a complete directory of web service companies. It's designed to help you effortlessly navigate the complexities of setting up and upgrading your internet connection. With our detailed FAQs and an easy-to-understand glossary of internet terms, this guide is your go-to resource for all internet-related needs in Inuvik.

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Internet Providers

Internet Providers in Inuvik

Discover the key internet providers in Inuvik with our concise overview. Here, we list the primary services available in the area, highlighting their unique offerings and specialties. This section serves as a quick reference to understand your options for internet connectivity in Inuvik, whether for personal, business, or specialized needs.


NorthwesTel stands as a prominent provider in Inuvik, renowned for its robust network infrastructure and diverse range of internet services. Catering to both residential and business clients, NorthwesTel offers high-speed internet options, complemented by reliable customer support and innovative technology solutions. Their commitment to connectivity in Northern regions makes them a trusted choice for many.

  • Fibre Internet

  • Phone Service

  • DSL Internet

  • Digital Television

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New North Networks is celebrated for its personalized approach to internet service in Inuvik. Specializing in delivering high-quality broadband services, they focus on customer satisfaction with tailored plans that suit various needs. Known for their quick installation and responsive customer service, New North Networks excels in providing a seamless internet experience.

  • Cable Internet

  • Radio Communications

  • Digital Television

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Inuvik Web Services specializes in providing custom and managed internet solutions tailored for specialized use cases in Inuvik. They excel in orchestrating services that combine multiple internet providers to create bespoke solutions that cater precisely to specific needs. Known for their expertise in handling complex internet setups, they offer a unique advantage for businesses and individuals requiring a more tailored approach to internet connectivity, ensuring reliability, flexibility, and top-tier performance.

  • Business Internet

  • Managed Service

  • Custom Solutions

  • Cloud Services

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Available Plans

Current Internet Plans in Inuvik

Browse and compare the latest and most competitive internet plans available in Inuvik. This comprehensive overview includes diverse plan options, from budget-friendly packages to high-speed offerings, ensuring you find the perfect match for your home or business internet requirements.


* Unlimited

All plans’ pricing are per month

Plan Name Price Details Data Cap Download Upload Hardware Installation
Fibre 5 $41.95 Click Here 25gb 5 mpbs 1 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 15 $51.95 Click Here 200gb 15 mbps 2 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 20 $76.95 Click Here 300gb 20 mbps 3 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 50 $101.95 Click Here 400gb 50 mbps 4 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 100 $110.95 Click Here 500gb 100 mbps 10 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 100 Unlimited* $149.95 Click Here Unlimited 100 mbps 100 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 200 Unlimited* $189.95 Click Here Unlimited 200 mbps 200 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 300 Unlimited* $209.95 Click Here Unlimited 300 mbps 300 mbps Included $171.72
Fibre 500 Unlimited* $219.95 Click Here Unlimited 500 mbps 500 mbps Included $171.72
Business 150 Unlimited* $299.95 Click Here Unlimited 150 mbps 150 mbps Included $224.89
Business 250 Unlimited* $399.95 Click Here Unlimited 250 mbps 250 mbps Included $224.89
Business 350 Unlimited* $449.00 Click Here Unlimited 350 mbps 350 mbps Included $224.89
Business 550 Unlimited* $499.00 Click Here Unlimited 550 mbps 550 mbps Included $224.89

New North Networks

* Unlimited

All plans’ pricing are per month

Plan Name Price Details Data Cap Download Upload Hardware Installation
Net 5 $56.00 Click Here 100gb 5 mbps 1 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 15 $78.00 Click Here 200gb 15 mbps 5 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 25 $88.00 Click Here 400gb 25 mbps 10 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 50 $98.00 Click Here 400gb 50 mbps 10 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 100 $112.00 Click Here 500gb 100 mbps 15 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 25 Unlimited* $128.00 Click Here Unlimited 25 mbps 10 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 50 Unlimited* $168.00 Click Here Unlimited 50 mbps 10 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 100 Unlimited* $189.00 Click Here Unlimited 100 mbps 15 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Net 200 Unlimiited* $218.00 Click Here Unlimited 200 mbps 25 mbps $100.00 $50.00
Internet Speed Test

Measure your Connection in Inuvik

Quickly and accurately assess your internet speed with our Inuvik-specific speed test. Ideal for checking if you're getting the speeds you pay for or for troubleshooting connectivity issues.

Business Directory

Inuvik's Web & Computer Services Directory

Access Inuvik's Business Directory for web services and digital product providers. Whether you're looking for web design, digital marketing, training or IT solutions, this directory connects you with leading local professionals to support your digital endeavors.


Webhorse Technologies
Tech Support Provider

Webhorse Technologies offers professional tech support services in Inuvik. Specializing in resolving hardware and software issues, they provide efficient and reliable solutions for both individual and business clients. Their expert team ensures your technology runs smoothly, with services ranging from routine maintenance to emergency troubleshooting.


Inuvik Web Services
Cloud and Software Services

Inuvik Web Services is a leading provider of cloud and software solutions in the region. Their services include cloud hosting, data storage solutions, and bespoke software development, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Known for their secure, scalable, and innovative services, they help businesses optimize their digital operations.


Big North Media
Web Design, Marketing & Media Production

Big North Media is your go-to source for creative digital solutions in Inuvik, specializing in web design, online marketing, and digital media production. Their services range from building engaging websites to crafting effective digital marketing strategies and producing high-quality digital content. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, they help businesses enhance their online presence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most pressing internet questions in our comprehensive FAQ section. From troubleshooting connectivity issues to understanding billing nuances, this resource is packed with expert advice and tips for navigating the internet landscape in Inuvik.

For streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, a minimum of 3 Mbps is recommended for standard definition content. For HD quality, at least 5-10 Mbps is ideal, and for 4K Ultra HD, you should aim for at least 25 Mbps.

Download speed refers to how quickly your internet connection can retrieve data from the internet, like streaming a movie. Upload speed is how fast you can send data to the internet, like uploading a video to YouTube. Download speed is crucial for streaming and browsing, while upload speed is important for video conferencing and online gaming.

Common issues include slow speeds, intermittent connectivity, and no internet access. These can often be resolved by restarting your modem/router, checking for outages with your ISP, or ensuring your device is within a good range of the Wi-Fi signal.

This can be due to network congestion, distance from the ISP’s central office, Wi-Fi limitations, or outdated equipment. Check with your ISP to ensure you're getting the correct speed and upgrade equipment if necessary.

Yes, using many devices simultaneously can strain your bandwidth and slow down the internet speed for each device, especially if they are all performing high-bandwidth activities.

To reduce lag, use a wired Ethernet connection, close background applications, upgrade your internet plan for higher speed, and choose a gaming server closer to your location.

Check if it’s a widespread outage or specific to your home. Restart your modem/router, check for firmware updates, and reduce interference. If the problem persists, contact your ISP.

Yes, severe weather conditions like storms, heavy snow, or extreme temperatures can impact both wired and wireless internet connections by damaging infrastructure or causing power outages.

To improve performance, upgrade your modem/router, position your router centrally, use Ethernet cables for stationary devices, minimize interference, and regularly reboot your router.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems consist of multiple router-like devices placed around your home to create a seamless and strong Wi-Fi network. They eliminate dead zones and provide consistent coverage throughout larger areas.

Wired connections, typically Ethernet, offer faster speeds, lower latency, and more stable connections compared to Wi-Fi, making them ideal for gaming, streaming, and large downloads.

The 2.4 GHz band offers wider coverage but at slower speeds and is more susceptible to interference. The 5 GHz band provides faster speeds but with shorter range and less interference.

Factors include distance from the router, physical obstructions like walls, interference from other devices, the age of your device, and the number of devices connected to the network.

To extend the range, use Wi-Fi extenders or a mesh network system, position your router centrally, keep it away from metal objects and electronic interference, and adjust the router’s antennas.

Yes, you can have multiple internet providers if they offer service in your area. This can provide a backup connection and may be beneficial for balancing load or specific usage needs.

To secure your network, change default passwords, enable WPA3 encryption, update firmware regularly, and disable WPS. For parental controls, use your router's built-in settings or third-party software to restrict access and monitor usage.

Adequate internet speed is crucial for telecommuting, as it affects video conferencing quality, file downloading/uploading, and efficient access to online resources and cloud services.


Terms & Definitions

This glossary covers essential internet-related terms and is intended to educate users, making technical aspects of internet services more accessible and understandable.


A high-speed internet connection that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Broadband includes several high-speed transmission technologies such as DSL, Cable, Fibre Optic, and Satellite.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

A type of internet connection that transmits data over traditional copper telephone lines. DSL is widely available but typically offers slower speeds than other types of broadband.

Fibre Optic 

A technology that uses glass or plastic fibers to transmit data as light signals. It offers the fastest internet speeds and is ideal for high-bandwidth activities like streaming high-definition videos and online gaming.


The time it takes for data to travel from its source to its destination, measured in milliseconds. Low latency is crucial for real-time online activities, such as video calls and online gaming.

Data Cap

A limit set by an internet service provider on the amount of data a user can transmit in a given billing period. Exceeding this limit may result in additional charges or reduced internet speeds.


A technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN), using radio waves. Wi-Fi is commonly used to access the internet wirelessly.

Mbps (Megabits per second) 

Definition The standard unit of measurement for internet speed. It indicates how many bits of data can be transferred each second. Higher Mbps means faster internet speed.


A device that connects to your modem to transmit the internet signal wirelessly throughout your home or office. Routers enable multiple devices to connect to the same network.


A device that connects to your modem to transmit the internet signal wirelessly throughout your home or office. Routers enable multiple devices to connect to the same network.

Cloud Computing

A technology that allows users to access and store data, and use applications over the internet instead of on physical hard drives. The cloud offers flexibility, scalability, and convenient remote access.

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) 

A unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. It's akin to a digital address that enables devices to find and communicate with each other.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A service that allows you to connect to the internet securely and privately by routing your connection through a server and hiding your online actions.


The maximum rate of data transfer across a given path. Higher bandwidth allows more data to be transmitted, resulting in faster internet speeds.

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Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Inuvik, a vibrant community in Canada's Northwest Territories, exemplifies exceptional connectivity in a remote setting. With access to advanced fibre optic networks and innovative satellite internet services, Inuvik enjoys diverse and modern communication technologies. This connectivity empowers its residents and businesses, bridging the gap between the Arctic and the global digital landscape.